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October 24

It’s amazing how much Lucas already put to “paper”, despite all the mishaps we already encountered. The last two days I lost track on Lucas because he has completely different interests / agenda, and of course he also has to prepare for his sessions as a speaker.

Anyway here’s my input to all the great posts on the web already done (have a look at for most of them). As pointed out a time ago, my main interest is XML DB. Beside those sessions, I will also pinpoint some on performance, Oracle Content Directory and Open Source speeches, like those on Linux and PHP (future directions). These are old interests with whom I try to keep up, but can’t spend so much time on as in the past, because XML DB forces me to read and learn about stuff I put aside me a long time ago, or in other words neglected, for instance object (orientated) relational objects.

October 20

It’s almost Friday, a day before our flight. Lucas and I will be off to San Francisco on Saturday morning. Lucas will give some lectures on OOW 2006, so don’t forget to attend, he has some great presentations prepared. I will mostly be pinpointing on XML (DB).

On the side, I will try to consume some great lectures on performance (Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, among others), try to see a little from San Francisco and enjoy the OOW 2006 atmosphere. The temperature, over there, will be on average 24° Celsius with a lot of sunshine…..

October 18