Oracle Open World 2006 – Almost there…

It’s almost Friday, a day before our flight. Lucas and I will be off to San Francisco on Saturday morning. Lucas will give some lectures on OOW 2006, so don’t forget to attend, he has some great presentations prepared. I will mostly be pinpointing on XML (DB).

On the side, I will try to consume some great lectures on performance (Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, among others), try to see a little from San Francisco and enjoy the OOW 2006 atmosphere. The temperature, over there, will be on average 24° Celsius with a lot of sunshine…..

I have mixed feelings about the event. It will be my first time across the ocean, a flight of 9 hours, on to an event with 40000 participants, 450000 square feet of exhibit space, 5000 computer systems, 1400 sessions, 450 partners, 400 Oracle demos (as an e-mail said) an awful lot to see, enjoy and learn.

I guess it will be a great experience.

On the other hand, I turned 40 last year, this year is AMIS 15th anniversary, and it happens to me lately that I reflect on things from the past (Yeah, I know am getting old). 😉

The last time I attended a mayor Oracle event, it is a while ago (was it 3 years?), and Oracle’s first 10g version was introduced in Amsterdam; I got a call in the midst of a CEO’s presentation… My dad died the next day. So I have now a strange association with “big Oracle events”.

Anyway Dad, I will toast a drink next week, in your remembrance.

More OOW 2006 posts to come from me and Lucas of course (and also some pictures) so read up on it here. 😉




1. LewisC Says:
October 20th, 2006 at 4:04 am e Marco, Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope things go well for you on your first trip to the US. Will you make it to the blogger meet up that Mark Rittman is setting up? If you do, I’m sure there are many that will help you toast a drink. I turned 40 this year also. Like you, I find myself thinking back and reflecting more than I used to. Nostalgia I guess. If you are hitting the XML sessions, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you. Might not know who you are, but I’ll see you. 😉 Take care, LewisC

2. Marco Gralike Says:
October 20th, 2006 at 4:21 am e I will try to make it to Mark’s meet up, but I was a little late to join up. Apparently it is a bar, so I seems, that in such a place, it is possible to get a drink 😉 The gesture is appreciated. “To our Dads, where ever they may be!” 😉

3. Mark Says:
October 20th, 2006 at 11:13 am e Marco, look forward to seeing you and Lucas there. Please come along to the event, it’s quite informal so anyone can turn up – we’ll just be at the bar. see you Mark

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