On this blog, some of my old and new Oracle blog mind exercises can be found. This site has been initially set-up with the intention to preserve all these scribblings I had. These ideas and thoughts do not reflect the vision of my employer and are mine and mine alone. Hopefully you will enjoy reading my writings. You can find more interesting Oracle and other related articles on the Oracle Technology Network Forum, regarding Oracle XML DB.

Personal entries and postings on the Oracle OTN XML DB forum can be found via my OTN Account Profile. I was awarded an Oracle ACE nomination in April 2008 and invited to become a member of the OakTable Network , an informal grouping of some the most leading experts on Oracle technology, in July 2009.

In 2010 I was awarded the Oracle ACE Director status and was asked to become a member of the Oracle XMLDB Customer Advisory Board for the next mayor release. I also joined the Customer Advisory Board for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. and are nowadays very active with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other customer challenges globally.

Somewhere in 2017, I did a step back on social stuff around the world and started focussing more on the company I am working for and family. Therefore, at current, I am a ACE Director Alumni after dedicating more than 10 years on stuff here presented 8-). That doesn’t mean I am not doing any XML or JSON in the database anymore, but just refocused my efforts on other (Cloud) topics.

If you need help, you can reach out via LinkedIn or via my current company: www.dba.nl

The content presented on this site, does never have the intention of hurting, damaging, people or companies; they represent my personal view and (maybe) not reflect the opinion the company I am working for. The content presented has been tested as good as humanly possible. But be warned: always properly test it before you use them yourself… Applying ideas, presented here in any content or in any other form, are (always) your own responsibility.

Never, never, never use untested statements, ideas or scripts on production environments! It is not only just plain stupid, it is also your own responsibility!

I don’t like how freely given info here is used for commercial purposes, so hereby my notice to everyone that work published here, on this website, is bound by the rules of the Creative Commons organization.

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Enjoy the content. Have fun, make a difference!