This page is a place holder of some of the sites and interesting links I want to remember how to link to (besides the blog-roll)

Blog sites
pythian blog site

Company sites

Miracle DK
Miracle NL
Toon Koppelaars – RuleGen
Gratis lichtplan / lichtadvies(

Interesting sites
Julian Dyke
oracle-l on
Adrian Billington – Developer.Net
Checking you website the iPad way
Unwrap PL/SQL online

Informative posts

Chris Warticki: “Support Tools for Performance Tuning”
“How to set trace for others sessions, for your own session and at instance level”
Ramkumar Menon: “XML – Dissected”
Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) Weblog: Using XMLDB within Oracle Warehouse Builder
Cary Millsap: Optimal Flexible Architecture (whitepaper)
Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog – About Oracle Indexing
SSH (Secure Shell) Tricks (Part I, II, III)
SQL*Plus Substitution Variables

Forum links

Oracle OTN XMLDB Forum

About XML

The Tom Kyte Slide 21 discussion
XFront: Good tutorials and presentations “The Guide to the XML Galaxy”
XML Schema Validator (1)
XML Schema Validator (2)
Regular Expression Patterns
Reverse Engineering Attempt of the Physical model XDB Schema Oracle 11gR1
XMark – An XML Benchmark Project
XML Schema overview page (
Brief XPath functions overview (Oracle manual)
XBRL: Charles Hoffman (
XML: Tim Bray (onGoing –

Microsoft / Open XML File Formats

MS Office 2007: Microsoft docx, pptx, xlsx Information and Structures

About Linux

Installing a Dual-Boot with Windows and Ubuntu (7.10)
A hell of a good Ubuntu blog: Ubuntu Tutorials
10 Games from the Ubuntu Universe
Ubuntu Unleased