OGh DBA / SQL Celebration Day 2016 Keynote Speaker

I am very happy and honored, to announce, that Mr. Graham Wood (Oracle US) agreed to do the Keynote during the OGh DBA / SQL Celebration Day here in the Netherlands. With his long track record, almost from the beginning, within the Oracle database world, he knows as no other how to provide insight in the (performance) of the Oracle database and to make optimal use of the product.

Graham Wood

Mr. Graham Wood, is an architect in the Real-World Performance Group at Oracle, which is part of the Oracle Database Development organization. Most of his years at Oracle has been spent in performance related areas, including designing and tuning large high-performance systems, building monitoring tools such as Statspack, and in architecting performance and scalability features into the database engine itself.

Graham was the architect of the Oracle Manageability team tasked with simplifying the process of tuning the operation of the database which resulted in the development of AWR, ASH, and ADDM to provide automatic tuning.

If you want to read more about the upcoming OGh DBA / SQL Celebration Day event, have a read via the links provided here or join us in June, via registering for the “OGh DBA / SQL Celebration Day” event on the Dutch OGh Oracle user group site.

In the meantime, learn more from Graham and the Oracle Real-World Performance Group via its E-Learning videos series. See for more info the following post I made a while ago.

Oracle Real-World Performance – E-Learning Video’s

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