Oracle Real-World Performance – E-Learning Video’s

You might have noticed…or not…but the Oracle Real World Performance team has posted multiple cool E-Learning YouTube video posts. The very educational and demo rich topics, are about (some obvious) performance, architectural, topics and some not so widely known performance issues.

Via these “video by example” lessons, Andrew Holdsworth (and team), explains for example, the effect of setting Linux “Large Pages”, a no-brainer in my mind when dealing with Oracle databases on Linux or how incorrect, oversubscribed, connection pooling settings on the middle tier can kill the performance on the database tier.

Real-World Performance – 18 – Large Linux Pages

Real-World Performance – Large Dynamic Connection Pools (Part 1/2)


Some extra E-Learning information can be found via the Oracle Real-World Performance E-Leaning goto URL and other material. For your (and my) convenience, I also created a (currently) updated YouTube playlist with the current Oracle Real-World Performance material neatly combined.

Have fun and a good learning experience with the wonderful new series from the Oracle Real-World Performance team.


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