1. March 12

    Thank you Mr. Video Reporter. It was almost like being there …

  2. March 12

    Its actually getting hard after a time, because you start to think: “OK, what happened today, how do I show it and do people want to see Tanel for the third time in a movie, would they like it”.

    On the other hand there is the issue of privacy… Something I am, as a DBA, very with, conscious, off and another issue is that I as a non-native speaker am not always “aware” off what the lyrics in the music are telling us and if it doesn’t send the wrong message going along with the music.

  3. March 22


    Very nice video I thought.

    It was, as always, a pleasure to cross paths with you again. It was also unfortunate that a number of folks (like Doug) were not able to be there for this year’s symposium.



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