Advert: Tanel Poder Seminar 2 and 3 April 2009 in Holland

Tanel Poder is coming to the Netherlands to do his seminar “Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting for DBAs and Performance Engineers“. I enjoyed his sessions greatly during Hotsos and if you are one off the lucky who can manage to attend during the 2nd and 3rd of April, organized by Anjo Kolk’s Miracle Benelux, in Holland, please do, you will not be disappointed. Be quick though…a lot of seats have already been taken.

Have a look here for Registration, Agenda and General Info::

Be aware: its not about and is not a beginner database tuning course, SQL tuning or CBO course and you need a good understanding of general Oracle database architecture and OS commands. At the end of the course you will understand internals of core Oracle kernel components and their interaction with the OS. Also you will be proficient in systematic end-to-end troubleshooting, using the right tool for right problem and have the ability to proactively eliminate potential database performance issues.



Tanel Poder during his presentation, Hotsos 2009, Irving TX
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  1. Edgar Chupit
    March 12

    I had a pleasure to attend Tanel’s seminar in November.
    I must admit it was a great fun and was really full of interesting and important stuff. It helped me to understand how Oracle internally works in much details.
    This seminar is definitely “must-visit” for anyone who wants to know how exactly data is processed behind the scene in Oracle DB.

  2. March 12

    Totally agree. Maybe Anjo can share somoe light later on if there is still room.

  3. March 12

    Yep we have some seats left, around 6 or so.

  4. Sopon
    February 2

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