Hotsos 2009 – Expressions

I have looked multiple times at the video, posted here, and, just like the one from yesterday, I am amazed at the energy the pictures present, especially the expressions and gestures being used. I wondered if I would keep this up but seeing all those presenters (don’t mind me – I am getting in shape, ehh beard, for the evening…Yarchh) without really hearing them, gives it all a completely different atmosphere. Its sort of cool actually…

In no particular order: Cary Millsap, Margret Norman, Tanel Poder, Toon Koppelaars, Amit Poddar, Dave Abercrombie, Bryn Llewellyn, Christian Antognini, Dan Norris, Stephan Haisley, Dan Tow, Henry Poras and Jonathan Lewis…

Take five…

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  1. March 11


    Thanks for sharing yes, indeed it is a great way to see a different side of how people act/behave/interact etc.

    Someone once told me (when I was first starting to present) that a great way to stop yourself saying things like “errrrr” and “ummmm” is to watch a video recording of yourself presenting and then see how many times you do say those things versus how many times you *think* you say them. A very good tip that worked for me (I think!).


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