“Death by Mii…” or “How to Recover from Mii Loss…”

I have a daughter Athina, she is 6. Her girlfriend from across the street got also a Wii today. All the boy friends and girlfriends visited that girlfriend from across the street. So in her “despair” she deleted all her friends Mii‘s on our Wii (including mine).

Cool stuff being six.

I had a good laugh, although I couldn’t show it in front of her. While being very very serious, ehhh sort of father like, I tried to explain to her that friendship couldn’t be bought etc. and kept that lecture going for about half an hour.

She is bright and got the message. Being a father can be difficult… 😉

A Mii is an avatar that you can use with some of the Wii games. Your score of a game “attached” to your Mii. So when my daughter deleted all the Mii’s, my and the other save games became attached to the default (I think) 6 Mii’s. Not that it really matters, my Mii from the Wii Fit game, still shows some overweight. 🙂

So I have lost, more or less, my Mii Identity.

Also being a Database Administrator (OK – Geek) I was now thinking:

  • How do you recover from Mii loss?
  • Would be cool if “they” (aka Nintendo) had build in some export, import utilities
  • Full, partial, in time recovery methods on a Wii would also be very cool…

Yeah, being a “Wii User” can be fun.



If someone every reads this and has any influence with Nintendo regarding Wii development, please see this as an enhancement request. If developed (hint: there are lot of USB connectors on the back), I will stop my rants asking for Wii*Grid 2.0, a Wait Interface or Wii*Plus GUI development.

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  1. koert
    July 11

    You can backup your mii to your wii-mote 😉
    To bad you can’t script it …

  2. July 11

    That’s a good one Koert, I completely forgot that option. Maybe I can recover some, because I think I made some attempts with that functionality a while ago.

  3. caro
    January 1

    My brother deleted my Mii and I had so many points!!! What do I do?

  4. January 1

    In principle, if your Mii is lost, your points are lost, although…

    some games replace you Mii with a default Mii, so the default Mii now has your old scores.

    As Kurt mentioned, there is only one way to savegard your Mii and that is by saving your Mii on the Wii remote, aka the Mii-mote. This can be done on the Mii plaza. If you Mii is deleted, you put your Mii from the Mii-mote back on Mii plaza which then gets your points.

    This won’t help, of course, if your brother also deletes your backups on the Mii-mote(s)…

  5. antony
    April 9

    i lost my mii i think it deleted and i carnt find how do i find it again

  6. antony
    April 9

    how do i get my mii back

  7. April 9

    If it isn’t on your Wii-mote then it is lost… If you created an backup as mentioned above (via the Mii Plaza) then you can restore your Mii via downloading your backup Mii from the Wii-mote back on the Mii plaza.

  8. Tim
    August 23

    Using homebrew is another way to ‘export’ your Mii. You can use Mii Extractor to dump all of your Miis onto the SD card.

  9. Tara
    January 17

    My mii was replaced by the system with a default mii, how do I switch it back to my original mii?

  10. January 17

    As Kurt commented on this post, there (was/) is only one way to backup and recover from Mii loss via creating a backup before you actually lost your Mii, by putting it on the Wii remote…

    • bryce richards
      March 25

      what if you doont have it saved any where????????????????????????????????

  11. bryce richards
    March 25

    i erased my big brothers mii that was really hard to make and its not saved on a wii remote how do i get it back???

  12. March 25

    If it isn’t on your Wii-mote then it is lost…

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