1. Zdenek Hrib
    July 21

    I am desperately trying to switch the default error page of this orawsv servlet to my own error page. I got

     401 /some/local/path/to/file.ext                                                                                                

    in xdbconfig.xml and it is not working at all. Any suggestions ?

  2. July 21

    Something got wrong pasting your code. I think I partially could reconstruct it. Maybe an idea to post it on the OTN XMLDB Forum?

    HTML error code: 401 means “Unauthorized”

    See also: http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec10.html

    My guess would be that the ACL’s on that resource are to restrictive for the user that is allowed to access the wsdl service…

  3. Chris
    August 11

    Is REST support for Web services — can I call XSLT on the fly?

    • Gaurang
      September 19

      Marco –

      can you give me in depth answer of below questions? Out architect are want

      I’m proposing use of Database Native web service in our company. Our architects are asking following questions so appreciate your help

      a. How do you load balance across the DB WS (is there a way to use the F5 to detect downtime and balance the load across the DB servers)? We will be using RAC configuration with 3 nodes.
      b. Our architect have security concern as user id/password information are in the web service URL, which may prove to be an issue. Is there a way to mitigate this risk?
      c. Instrumentation in this approach (db native services) is questionable due to development/auto gen of the service logic from the DB itself. We may investigate wrapping the services with OSB to give us an additional instrumentation, policy enforcement, endpoint mediation and security proxy. Thoughts??
      d. Architect are curious regarding any potential performance issues this may have on the DB server.


  4. vipin hasija
    August 19


    This is we tried with SOAP but how the same can be done by Restful services?
    and also I am unable to see xml of stored procedure “SQUARE” in url,till servlet its fine then why error in calling with proc.

    Incorrect Input Doc/URL </OracleErrors


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