I Don’t Get It…?!

What can I say? I was amazed! I am thrilled! Where does this come from? There wasn’t even time to moan about the offside of Theiry, because Robben made a magnificent goal only a few moments later on. Where does this come from?

Holland – France: 4 – 1

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Amazing. Let’s hope we can keep this up.

Last time I thought…“This is not very good for my overall Euro 2008 DG Tournement betting score. I haven’t made a single point… “. This time it doesn’t matter. No one had the correct score.


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  1. June 14

    Unfortunately our manager (female, although that might be irrelevant) booked our department night out last night. At a location without TVs. I forgot to post my dgtournament bets and I also had to check the score about 8 times when I got home to make sure I wasn’t just drunk.

    Well done – I the Netherlands will have a large following from across the sea 😉

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