I finally got my “Brul”-shirt !

Yesterday was horrible.

No point at all, yesterday, during the DG Tournament bets. Portagal lost (what were they doing?) from Switzerland and Turkey won from the Czech Republic in the final moments… Against all odds but a nice game.

In the meanwhile; The Dutch started believing in their team. The following commercial will be nothing, regarding “Seeing Orange Everywhere”, if Holland will reach the finals.

What’s happening in Holland. Let me try to explain…

I think we, the Dutch, have more faith in our Dutch soccer team then in the teams we have seen in the last 2 decades, because this time we have not only gifted soccer players, but also have a “TEAM” (and not only individuals). The French showed that the current Dutch team , not only will play for each other, even when they don’t play very well, but also have a 12th man on the field called “Edwin van der Sar”, how gets us out of trouble when things get worse.

To give you an idea how alive the Euro 2008 currently is… The Netherlands has a population of 16 million people. Seven million Dutch watched the first game against Italy; 7.5 million Dutch watched the second game against France. Probably none had expected such a start of the UEFA 2008 European Soccer Championships.

Believe me, although we are still skeptic (we are always skeptic), we hope for a reprise of 1988, the last time we also had a great “team”, incredible strikers, a great goalkeeper and a lot of sunken boats in Amsterdam…

The 'Roar'-shirt of the Euro 2008 demonstrated by a volunteer

Click on the picture to enlarge

Lets hope we will do a better job, in the next match against Romania, then Portugal did against Switzerland. Hopefully, this time, if we win the inevitable game against Germany, I will be prepared…

Let the orange lion roar (Dutch:”brul”) their socks off!


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  1. Wallner
    July 9

    Hi can you give me the Link, where i can buy the Brul Shirt!!!
    I am from Austria and we like this shirt, but we can not buy ist anywere!!

    Please tell us!!

  2. July 9

    Hmmm, I don’t know if it is still possible to get one, but nevertheless you could try.

    The T-Shirts were sold as a commercial gadget during the EURO UEFA soccer championships by a concern called “Blokker”.

    The websites are in dutch but maybe you could try calling the following number (0031-20-5683568) on this website:


    Otherwise try to find the telephone number via http://www.detelefoongids.nl (also in Dutch – Sorry)

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