Holland is Turning Orange…

I would have thought we would have done worse, or at least, equalizing against the reigning World Champion…but a 3 – 0 victory against Italy? This is not very good for my overall Euro 2008 DG Tournement betting score. I haven’t made a single point… (my bets were Romania-France: 0-2, Netherlands-Italy:1-1)

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Not that I am not very happy with the Dutch result. I think it is incredible and a relieve to see such a nice match, but as said I wouldn’t have thought Holland would be in for it against such great Italian players like Luca Toni, Gennaro Gattuso, Del Pierro, etc.

With the current standings in Group C, this will only increase the chance on some great next matches. Italy (definitely), Romania and France will have to win to still make a chance to the next round and I hope that Holland won’t slow down.

I am not a dedicated soccer fan. I only follow the national team games, but in my soccer rulebook the first Dutch goal was offside (UEFA’s statement supports the referee).

I can’t wait until next Friday when we will meet the French in the next match…


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  1. June 10

    I added some new features in DG Tournament, because I wanted to know who predicted that score. See the Stats tab… the answer 0 😉

    I’ve also updated the video of the day…


  2. Roel
    June 10

    Hi Marco,
    It surely wasn’t offside, because if it was, the last player could ‘create’ offside by just stepping out of the field (or fall out in this case). And it just doesn’t work that way!
    And a great match it was!


  3. June 10

    Not accoording to the “professional” commentators of the BBC (and if the English don’t know it…)

  4. June 10

    Of course, it would be easy to cheat by just stepping over the line and I can see the point of the rule in that case. But it’s clear that that wasn’t the intention so, even if the law was strictly broken, the spirit of it wasn’t.

    The Netherlands deserved everything they got, but that goal was never valid in my book!

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