PGstatspack – Great initiative started by Frits

Frits Hoogland posted a blog presenting “pg”statspack: Introducing pgstatspack, a statistics package for postgresql, a first initiative for a statistics package called statspack for ProsgreSQL. Initial work was once done by Glenn Fawcett of Sun Microsystems and as Frits describes in his post, he found a way to recover and extent it for the newer versions of ProsgreSQL.

You can download the scripting here: pgstatspack.

As Frits is saying in the README.txt

This version is strongly inspired by Glen Fawcetts version (and oracle’s statspack obviously).
Some fields have been chopped off Glen’s version, in order to be able to run this on a 8.1 version database.

This is work in progresql, so feel free to add features or corrections.
Please post questions, additions or suggestions to frits.hoogland[at]

Frits well done !


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