OTN Forum DOS Restriction?

I don’t know if it is a fresh implemented feature, but if you enter your answers / replies to threads in the OTN to quickly you now get a small warning button that says that you are not allowed to enter a new reply within 30 seconds… This happened to me the other night while trying to reply to some questions, because the forum is sometimes very slow, I opened two browser windows and save both replies apparently within this time period.



Marco Gralike Written by:


  1. March 4

    So the forums are actually slow on purpose?
    Of course! An anti-spam feature, not a bug!

  2. March 5

    Chen, I didn’t say that it was a bug.

    For me it is a sign that they probably trying to improve performance. As a counter measure for all (I guess automated spam) they improved functionality by implementing Denial of Service functionality to contra act to the threat.

    The fun part is that I as a human posted / answered to quickly on forum questions in two windows with the time restriction of 30 seconds.


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