Graham Wood will be presenting in Holland

graham-wood.PNGOn the 13th of March, Graham Wood will be presenting for the Dutch Oracle user group OGH.

He will be speaking about his experiences related to performance areas in Oracle 10g and 11g. This meeting will take place at Oracle Netherland HQ at the Meern.

Have a look at the OGH site regarding how to register.

Alas! This session has been canceled / postponed.

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  1. Carel-Jan Engel

    I got first-handed from Graham that his trip was canceled. Presenting at OGH is postponed, according to

  2. 3/8/2008

    Yep, you’re right. I got the message from the OGH (during my stay at Hotsos) as well.

    Good call Carel-Jan. Thanks for the update info

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