The Latest OAK Table Member

Alex Gorbatchev from the Pythian Group has joined forces with the OAK Table members and accepted membership last night.

Alex proudly presenting his new wooden shoes from Holland

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I got him a gift as well, after he generously had given me some traditional Canadian OAK leave sirope. Alex proudly presents here, in his new typical Dutch traditional shoes, during the Hotsos Symposium of 2008.


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  1. March 4

    Ha, ha … nice one!

    Then again, wearing strange clothing for your Hotsos presentation – haven’t I seen that somewhere before? 😉

    And is this Oak Table thing true? If so

    a) These new guys don’t know how to manage announcements properly (there’s a joke at my own expense in there somewhere).

    b) They’ll let *anyone* in these days! (probably one in there too)

    c) Maybe there was drink involved? (actually, there’s probably *always* drink involved ….)

  2. March 5

    Regarding the “scoop” – He, if you learn from the master then at least, you should pick up the lessons learned 😉

    BTW I will buy him the drink, on your behave, if I have the chance. Even better, I will drink yours as well 😉

  3. March 5

    Tell you what – I’ll buy four. Then you can have two each. How’s that?

  4. March 6

    Shouldn’t we buy one for Alex then…? Ahh, he gets enough nowadays. 😉

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