Month: September 2007

September 13

The XMLDB team has posted a demo application on the XMLDB section of OTN called XFILES. This application is a demonstration of almost all important features of the Oracle 11g XMLDB functionality, deployable on Windows or Linux platform, combined with technologies like AJAX and Oracle Text.

Main page XFILES (included some created directories)

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September 13
September 12

There has been a lot said and written about the Oracle ACE issue. Howards “Devalued” and “Revalued” posts, triggered a lot of emotions and commented visions and I think that this is the way it should be. Don’t say that there isn’t an active blogoshere. I saw one. I read a lot of stuff about what the community is doing and what we think it should be.

As I, indeed, said to Doug, getting / being passionate is part of the deal. I think this is the minimum an “ACE” should confirm to. You like it or you don’t (the Oracle stuff out there), or at least you are passionate about it.