XFILES – XMLDB Content Management Example Application and More…

The XMLDB team has posted a demo application on the XMLDB section of OTN called XFILES. This application is a demonstration of almost all important features of the Oracle 11g XMLDB functionality, deployable on Windows or Linux platform, combined with technologies like AJAX and Oracle Text.

Main page XFILES (included some created directories)

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Also included in this demo application is also what is refered to in the XFILES documentation as “Database Native Web Services” (DNWS), this includes native functionality like WSDL, XQuery and PL/SQL based web services and event triggered repository manipulations. All in all, very interesting stuff.

Native Database Web Services (NDWS) in action

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The demo can be downloaded here:

If you are enthousiastic about APEX, then be (maybe even more) amazed about what you now are able to do with the Oracle 11g XMLDB functionality.


Marco Gralike Written by: