How to manage (Oracle) ACE’s?

There has been a lot said and written about the Oracle ACE issue. Howards “Devalued” and “Revalued” posts, triggered a lot of emotions and commented visions and I think that this is the way it should be. Don’t say that there isn’t an active blogoshere. I saw one. I read a lot of stuff about what the community is doing and what we think it should be.

As I, indeed, said to Doug, getting / being passionate is part of the deal. I think this is the minimum an “ACE” should confirm to. You like it or you don’t (the Oracle stuff out there), or at least you are passionate about it.

I mean, somehow, in all the mess (bugs, etc) I encountered over the last 10, 15 years; I still like it. For me it is software and being software being made by men, this is just the standard part of the deal. Live with it or get a different job. Switching to MS SQLServer or DB2 won’t help. You will have to deal with the same old problems (it only has a different taste).

Via slashdot i found an old article that I thought I had lost. I like this article very very much. It says a lot of what I think will work regarding “how geeks tick”. Maybe this could also help Oracle in managing the ACE community. Those ACE’s are the thoughest crowd out there, so solve the judging problem, by letting it be solved by themselves.

So from that perspective (based on the article)…


  • You’ve got to have your own geeks ACE’s
    – shouldn’t be a problem I guess
  • Get to know your geek ACE community
    – this would, should be essential
  • Learn what your geeks ACE’s are looking for
    – at least involvement in the process
  • Create new ways to promote your geeks ACE’s
    – ACE Directors? Ahh, maybe not. One title is enough.
  • Either Geeks ACE’s are part of the solution — or they’re the problem
    – shouldn’t be a problem, we love it to much…
  • The best judges of geeks ACE’s are other geeks ACE’s
    – just general wisedom; or at least that’s what I think…
  • Look for the natural leaders among your geeks
    – Howard, Jonathan, Tom or ?…for President!
  • Be prepared for when the geeks ACe’s hit the fan
    – didn’t that just happen the other week…?
  • Too many geeks ACE’s spoil the soup
    – the Acedom will devaluate

You should read that article, I think it is a must (and I am glad that I found it again).