Tag: Shredding XML

July 18
June 17

I wondered, for a long time, if it were possible to shred automatically XML documents, via Binary XML XMLType storage, the same way as you are able with Object Relational XMLType storage since the Oracle version (the first officially supported XMLDB database version).

Based on “standard” object relational storage you need the following requirements and/or take the following steps:

  • Annotate an XML Schema with the XDB namespace and xdb:annotations to your liking
  • Register this XML Schema in the XDB Repository
  • During registration automatically generate the needed types and tables (based on your xdb:annotations)
  • An XML document(s) that validates properly, is valid, against your registered XML Schema.

If done properly, drag & dropping your XML documents via for example WebDAV via the enable protocol server, will cause the XDB functionality to check and validate the given XML documents against the registered XML Schema and insert the content automatically in the generated table(s). This mechanism also works via the FTP protocol functionality off the XDB Protocol Server.

I never got it really to work, at least the mechanism was fuzzy to me. Sometimes it did work as expected, sometimes it didn’t. What I didn’t realize, is that I most of the time use XML documents with multiple namespace references. Until one of my students during an XMLDB training, hit a small bug (8473369), regarding using duplicate namespaces in the “wrong” order. XQuery statement don’t have the problem, XML/SQL does, so I reported it via an Service Request. This made me wonder… Would I have the same issue with the namespace references in the registered XML Schema and the XML document. I still have to check the W3C Official XML Namespace Recommendation regarding this issue though…