1. Marcelo Ochoa
    June 29

    Hi Marco:
    Did you upload your 21Gb media wiki export file by using the FTP protocol handler.
    Did you have some performance comparison between the binary format or the object relational format?
    I mean for some typical queries such how many pages have some word in an specific time frame.
    Did you create some index on the table?
    For example a primary key on ‘/page/revision/id’.
    Best regards, Marcelo.

  2. July 1

    For this example I only used a part of the “base” set.

  3. July 29

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  4. July 29

    Yes it will. The basics for this functionality has been buildin since database version, although binary xml is supported in 11g and onwards.

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