Tag: SAX

July 11

Sometimes you will want to load data from huge XML files into the database. So how do you achieve this?

There are more then one ways to achieve this, but most of the time a “SAX parser” is used. The term on Wikipedia for SAX is:

A Simple API for XML (SAX) is a serial access parser API for XML. SAX provides a mechanism for reading data from an XML document. It is a popular alternative to the Document Object Model (DOM).

The disadvantage sometimes of using DOM is that it uses to much resources in the sense of CPU and memory and for really huge files this method simply will not work in terms of performance. Parsing an XML document with DOM acquires the whole document to be loaded into memory before processing can be started. Via SAX only a small memory footprint is needed.

July 3

I tried to replay Marcelo Ochoa’s example called “Uploading WikiPedia Dumps to Oracle databases“. I noticed that the reference to the OTN SAXLoader Example was corrupted / partially unavailable.

While searching on my local hard drive, I noticed that I, a long time ago in 2006, downloaded the zip file. Although of course, there is no support from Oracle for it anymore, at least I would expect it tbo unsupported because of the very outdated example, I made it available here for people who still can use it and are in need for an SAX loader example with which will able you to import / load very huge XML files into the database.

The OTN XML DB Sample had once the following available: