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April 2

You knew that yesterday it was April Fools day – right…?

So just to make sure, statements made by me yesterday, except of course those on the OTN Forum, were utter nonsense. What made it also clear to me is that on the internet, making a joke, without offending someone, is an art form in itself.

Let me assure you that everything is okay with Polly and the Boys as far as I know and they still enjoy each others company despite the occasional moaning. Have a look more often on Doug’s personal site to see how they all are doing (and “say hi!”), if you have the time (and of course Doug and Polly to write something). As you can see currently, Doug delivered as promised (would you have expected otherwise?), “H” is siting there in a very, very comfy luxurious seat (and just like me, likes the Nintendo Wii).

April 1

A friend of mine, who wants to be anonymous, send the following information and picture. The Cuddly Toy in this picture was not reachable for comment and wants also to be anonymous, but I gathered some inside information via an insider that the first decay has been sited between Doug and his Toys. This picture was taken just before the bear disappeared in the duffel bag of a well known Oracle celebrity. Inside information has it that the reasoning behind this was:

    “If he did’t get any attention, then at least he would go for fame and fortune”.
    “This person seemed him a good choice at the time…”

Sad. I care for them, I would have hoped for better.