Cuddly Toy is Leaving Doug! – Polly and the Boys Regret…

A friend of mine, who wants to be anonymous, send the following information and picture. The Cuddly Toy in this picture was not reachable for comment and wants also to be anonymous, but I gathered some inside information via an insider that the first decay has been sited between Doug and his Toys. This picture was taken just before the bear disappeared in the duffel bag of a well known Oracle celebrity. Inside information has it that the reasoning behind this was:

    “If he did’t get any attention, then at least he would go for fame and fortune”.
    “This person seemed him a good choice at the time…”

Sad. I care for them, I would have hoped for better.

Cuddly Toy bear hiding in Celebrity duffel bag
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As a big fan of Polly and her boys, I can imagine that the lack of attention is getting frustrating. They were promised various things like nice comfy seats. Alas, these promises weren’t made true. I asked Doug for a comment and he replied:

    “Housemate of the Week was for ONE MONTH!
    I’m sick of their moaning, anyway.”

I like Doug. I respect him, but I agree on this with Polly and The Cuddly Toys, despite the fact that he is swapped in his course creating work…


Not a good start of the Month, Doug…

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  1. April 1

    >> Not a good start of the Month, Doug…

    Oh, do behave, please!

    You believe everything they tell you but you don’t have to live with them, do you?

    For the record ….

    a) Housemate of the week was for one month only. That month is over.

    b) The new Housemate of the Month appeared this evening.

    c) They moan endlessly.

    However, I must confess I admired their April Fool’s joke today. Flatcat got off the comfy seat and hid behind the curtain after Mads went to bed last night. It would have been even better, but Mads could hear him giggling behind the curtain so, when she drew the curtain this morning and everyone shouted ‘April Fool!’ she wasn’t too surprised.

    Flatcat was giggling about it for *ages*, though 😉

    Can I get back to my course now?

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