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November 9

Apparently there is already a Early Adopter Release since september, but even so, I am very happy that the first XMLDB features are getting implemented. The readme describes the new feature for XMLDB as

  • XML Type tables are visible in the Connections navigator
  • XML Type columns data can be edited in Data tab

I tried it a bit and saw to my plesant surprise that it also provides, will provide, direct XDB Repository access to files and folders. Really cool. The first (small) mistake was also noticed by me, in the overview, describing an XML Schema as a datatype BLOB. Hint for the Oracle SQL Developer Team, a more descriptive, correct content type can be deducted from the XDB$RESOURCE table due to the fact that the content type/mime type will be display in this table (see also xdbresource.xsd) “purchaseOrder.xsd” as text/xml.

Look and feel regarding the editing of XMLType is a bit like Toad does it, at least in the Early Adapter version. Not a direct possibility to edit an XML document, but a extra window that pops-up before you get the option to edit the content.

Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 EA Release - XMLDB Features

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