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October 19
September 30

Its time to enlist. It really is. At least regarding the XMLDB related sessions and presentations during Oracle Open World 2009. As far as I have seen today, the hands-on workshop has almost no seats left and more than half already enlisted for my XMLDB New Features and XMLDB Performance related presentation.

Oracle Open World doesn’t have much XMLDB related sessions, until now from the 1800+ sessions, I only counted a dozen or so. If you want to have a peak of the ones I found, have a look at the following Oracle OTN XMLDB Forum thread.

I enlisted for most, as long as they didn’t interfere with my presentation schedule, if not only that I am very anxious about Mark Drake’s presentations about Google API mashups etc combined with the XMLDB functionality in the database and the, probably extended version of how to build an APEX content management system based on the versioning and filler capabilities of the XMLDB Repository. During OOW 2008, Carl Backstrom, helped and co-presented this APEX / XMLDB joined venture and, alas, this demo app. of the XFILES light weight XMLDB CMS based on APEX, never had (at least yet AFAIK) the chance to be a hit on the apex.oracle.com demogrounds or the OTN XMLDB main page after the source code had been cleaned-up.

For those who might enjoy a photo’s from that presentation with Mark and Carl during Oracle Open World 2008:

June 27

For me and those who are interested, just like the year before , hereby an attempt to find all XMLDB related presentations, workshops and other events during Oracle Open World 2009. I will try to add info, time and days later on (and/or you might here as well) if I find them and/or if they become known.

The Schedule Builder, Content Builder are not the most easy (ahum, performance wise, lets hope they will improve it) tool(s) so…

Hereby the following sessions that can be found via the Content Builder tool, until now: