Oracle Open World 2009: XML DB Presentations known so far…

For me and those who are interested, just like the year before , hereby an attempt to find all XMLDB related presentations, workshops and other events during Oracle Open World 2009. I will try to add info, time and days later on (and/or you might here as well) if I find them and/or if they become known.

The Schedule Builder, Content Builder are not the most easy (ahum, performance wise, lets hope they will improve it) tool(s) so…

Hereby the following sessions that can be found via the Content Builder tool, until now:

Oracle Conference (“Oracle Develop” pass needed)

S307479 – Oracle XML Database: Design Concepts for XML Applications That Will Perform – Marco Gralike
S311508 – Integrating Database Native Web Services into Oracle’s SOA Architecture
S311509 – Developing XML Applications with Oracle XML DB and Oracle XML Developer’s Kit
S311512 – XML DB Design Guidelines
S311516 – Optimizing Industry Standard XML Schemas with Oracle XML DB
S311522 – Live on with XML DB on Oracle Database 11gR1

Oracle Conference (Under category “Database”)

S307480 – Oracle XML Database: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features – Marco Gralike
S311510 – Inside XML DB 11gR2
S311519 – Customer Experiences with Oracle XML DB
S311521 – Managing XML Content with Oracle XML DB and Application Express
S312452 – Creating a Mashup Using Oracle XML Database, Oracle Spatial, Ajax, and Google Earth – Mark Drake

Hands-on / Workshops

S312450 – Introduction to Storing, Indexing, and Querying XML with Oracle XML Database, Part 1 – Mark Drake
S312451 – Introduction to Storing, Indexing, and Querying XML with Oracle XML Database, Part 2 – Mark Drake


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  1. June 28

    Hi Marco,
    any idea about who is going to present S311521?

    I submitted a paper similar to this, but with a different title and i can’t find neither in the accepted sessions nor in the sessions to be voted on mix…


  2. June 28

    Sorry Flavio, I have no idea. It took me a some effort to find them anyway. I think they were submitted on behalf of others (oracle employees), but no idea for whom yet.

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