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April 12
January 20

As you probably know, Jeff and Cary are giving a Performance Masterclass in Utrecht currently. Day 2 has just finished and as always during Cary’s (and in this case also Jeff’s) presentations, I have a ton off new idea’s regarding performance, aka XML(DB) issues / performance. So I think its worth our time and money (I hope I speak on behalf of the attendees), and a job well done for getting those guys to the other side off the pond (thanks to Miracle Benelux who organized the event).

We, the attendees, are roundabout 30 people and to my surprise they come from all over the place. If I have listened carefully during the opening session from: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium,  Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway and even…someone from from California…Wow!

Anyway, pictures say more then words about the atmosphere, so hereby some of “the prints” / “mug shots” I made. Enjoy.


So hereby in more or less random order…

The Agenda

The Agenda