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March 9
March 8

The silence before the storm. Gerwin and I arrived yesterday at the OMNI Mandalay Hotel in Irving Texas. Currently Gerwin is working hard in finishing his presentation for Monday for the Hotsos Conference. I try to enjoy the silence, the quiet and easy pace things are going in the Hotel and in- and outside its premises. I have been busy, very busy the last two months, among other things writing and Oracle XMLDB training course for a customer and if wanted can now be attended or ordered via AMIS. I am also still thinking about an offer regarding to write an EMEA masterclass on Oracle XMLDB, but I can’t decide which topics could be interesting for such a training course / event. If you have some idea’s please comment…

I had, have a toothache that started on Thursday and still is persistent, although I had a dentist remove 2 old tooth fillings and he has replaced them with some shiny new ones. Still the pain won’t go away although today it is bearable. I have “swallowed” more ibuprofen lately, then would be good for me. Anyway, I also bought an new camera, a Panasonic DMC-FZ28, and down here are some pictures before the storm, when the SIG’s (today) and presentations start on Monday… Still some time to chill in the Sun on a Bench in front of the Hotel (20 degrees Celsius outside so)…



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