1. March 8

    >> I have “swallowed” more ibuprofen lately, then would be good for me.

    Take a tip from a man who knows about toothache.

    A medical guy once told me to alternate Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. They work different ways and so you can take more pain relief in total!

    All usual disclaimers about me having no medical training apply.

    (Hey, it was *really* bad toothache!)

  2. March 8

    Ibuprofen 400 mg (aka Brufen), is used for children while they recover from an operation… It is really helpful for adults having toothache although you shouldn’t take more than 4 per day. For me it is a last resort. It could be that a mixture of paracetamol and ibuprofen keeps the bolus high enough. Being a former anesthesiology assistant (although I never finished the final exams), and did this for 3 years, I always am a little bit careful when swallowing this kind off stuff …

  3. March 8

    Always best to be careful.

    Except when you’re crying with the pain. Then all bets are off ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hey, wish Gerwin luck with his presentation, although I’m sure he won’t need it.

    I keep thinking about that bench now, but maybe I’m just weird.

  4. March 8

    AHHH, for all those who are reading this. I am also in desperate need of a cuddly toy for my daughter. I saw that the Disney store, or a look-a-like, is 10 / 15 miles outside Dallas (the wrong way), so alternatives are appreciated…

  5. Chris
    March 9

    I wish I could have made it this year. Is Bill the Viking there?

  6. Chen Shapira
    March 9

    I guess I missed you today at the reception? I hope to see you tomorrow!

  7. Casper
    March 9

    hallo marco,

    Zit je in Dallas?. Ben je aan het olie boren? JR al gezien?
    Lang niet gesproken. Ik hoop dat we binnenkort weer eens af kunnen spreken. met mij gaat het wel goed. Alleen laat ik mijn sociale contacten verslonzen. Wanneer ben je weer terug uit Dallas.

    Laters Casper

  8. March 9

    @Chen – We will. If not only the congratulate you on your deserved ACE nomination and to make you more nervous regarding your presentation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Casper: Sue didn’t invite me to Dinner this year, because JR didn’t approve it. We will meet.

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