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May 19
December 23

Its almost Christmas and the end of this 2010 year and I keep wondering what will happen, Oracle wise, in 2011. I have, had, my idea’s about what might happen, will happen, if I would be Mr. Larry Ellison. Being “in the trade”, a Oracle geek, since 1993, I have seen some movements like, “the raw iron project”, Mr. Ellison buying nCube, Oracle Powerbrowser, the Oracle network computer, the arrival of InterOffice, Collaboration Suite, Beehive, buying data connector and security service and product companies, building Oracle Fusion from scratch. Most impressive are those fully optimized hardware machines like Exadata and ExaLogic, and the supporting OS Oracle Linux. But hold your horses wasn’t Oracle the “data company”…

Does Oracle still fit in the internet age? Stuff is going fast. ROI, Time to Market are most important. If you miss the change, the new trend, it can kill your company almost instantly (iPhone, Android, Oops: Symbian…). Whatever you think of Oracle, Mr. Ellison’s strategies, IMHO I think that he has vision but sometimes is to fast regarding its implementation. Just like “Google Wave”, you can have a hell of a app/idea, but if it is too early, no one will jump after you in the water, to get it on shore… The nerds will like it, but if it doesn’t sell, you’re betting on a dead horse. So what makes Oracle tick, money wise? I think that its mostly licenses regarding their main products like the database and Oracle E-Business Suite, but the “old arena” for those products don’t show that much growth. The solution to this, IMHO, is the internet and this much buzzed hype called “Cloud” (in all its variations). The internet has the ability to reach everyone at any time and everywhere…

So if I where Mr. Ellison, why wouldn’t I make use of this enormous huge market out there that is internet enabled?

November 7

Okay, okay, I admit it, I was one of those guys that bought himself an iPad during OOW and I thought maybe it’s cool to share some thoughts on those iPad apps that are currently on my iPad, after things have settled down a bit regarding the downloading, install, try-outs and deleting (zillion of times) most of those apps again and again and… Which of those apps are still on my pad and worth maybe a tryout…? Some I have bought, some are for free. Let’s have a look and I hope you enjoy the line up…

Current Setup

Currently I have setup my screens in multiple sections:

  • Main Screen
  • Social apps
  • Music and …
  • Games
  • Utilities
  • iWorks and alike

You could discuss if they are really belonging in those sections but currently those screens feel okay for me and that’s what counts.

Main Screen

Not that much exciting stuff here. Worth mentioning is the WordPress app that I can use to update, write and check my wordpress blog sites I post to. Twitterrific is a twitter app that I installed because my default one, the one that I like most, Tweetdeck, crashed initially to many times. Nowadays Tweetdeck is stable but lacks some functionality that I have on my desktop machines. Mentioning “lack”; The WordPress app doesn’t have the statistics tab, that his alternatives have for Windows or Android, because this page makes use of flash and being on a Apple environment, that kind of stuff doesn’t work anymore…

“Timezones” isn’t actually a app, but a HTML5 site saved on the “desktop”, which is very useful site really to quickly check timezones and avoids me calling people in the States while they just went to sleep.

WeatherProHD is a very extensive weather app. If I really need it, I don’t know, but it is really beatifully crafted, but you will have to pay for it.


iPad WordPress App