Flip is dead, Long live Flip…

I needed to update my Flipshare software and get some of the movies made from my Flip when I noticed that current owner Cisco will close down its Flip business and support current FlipShare customers and partners. Probably it was never a good idea of Cisco to go in “the movie” business anyway… It’s a shame for the Flip though it will stop “to exist” as is on 31/12/2013 when also support will close down.

For gadget hunters this could be a time to make a final move to get the last stock, as is mentioned on this Cisco/Flip link:

Cisco closes its Flip Video Business to focus on extending network-centric platforms and services to create a connected experience from businesses to home. Cisco will no longer be manufacturing any new Flip video cameras for this product line.

However, Cisco is currently working with its partners to offer existing stocks of third generation Flip video cameras at an affordable price.

All new Flip video cameras will still come with the same manufacturer’s warranty. Cisco will maintain the necessary support mechanisms to provide world-class customer service within the warranty period.

Cisco will also continue to provide technical support for both Flip video cameras and FlipShare until December 31, 2013. To learn more about the future of Flip, click here

So in short, my conclusion: “Flip is dead, Long live Flip”.

It had a remarkable impact on the market regarding design and simplicity, something this “camera” really excels in. That simplicity is not that easy to achieve while still doing some remarkable smart things within the product, can only be admired by, I guess, all that try to achieve this in one way or another. The Flip, as a concept, has already been copied by many manufactures…

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The Flip was a robust and easy to use movie camera, which also could be used by my mother or daughter. Every one got the simplicity of “push the red button to make a movie and push it again to stop. Voila! Your first HD movie… I use it still during conferences because its small, robust and actually all I need to tape something…

It think it is a shame that Flip closes down.

Regarding functionality, simplicity and smartness it could rival with an Apple designed gadget…

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  1. May 19

    I noticed this the other day also. I was recommending one to someone who was still using an old-style digital tape video camera. A quick Google and I was stunned to see the news. I think they are still hoping for a buyout, but like you say, the concept has been copied so I’m not sure a buyout is on the cards.



  2. May 19

    Although I wonder how many of those copycat camera’s will give me the same feeling regarding:

    • My mother (80+ years) will have no issue how to operate it. Its so simple and brilliant in design
    • I don’t care if my daughter plays along, uses it. It is very hard to actually break it

    On the other hand, some people drop stuff, by “mistake”, almost on a monthly basis, in a toilet…


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