Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – New Data Formats and Integration

Especially on this Monday it seems all about new database data intern ration technologies and support for more data formats. Now adding in native database JSON support, the database is capable to store, query, handle JSON data, semi/unstructured XML data, and of course relational data.

These data formats are supported via query languages embedded in the already known SQL language. This opens up our propriety data for, for example, enrichment with other formats like data stored in Hadoop or of other origins.

Via the Oracle REST Data Service data from and to the database can be accessed or inserted in the database. Via Oracle Big Data SQL, data from Hadoop, Hive, can be accessed via SQL, JSON a or XQuery from within the database. Not only that all cool SQL, or database, features created over the years in the database can or might be applicable as well like security issues.

Time will tell if this Oracle approach will be powerful enough to deal with all big data issues out there, technically, to grab, optimize, query data issues that live in the world out that match the business needs.

>> Native Database JSON Support
>> Oracle REST Data Service
>> Oracle Big Data SQL
>> Oracle Big Data SQL VirtualBox environment

In all, a lot of new stuff to fiddle with in my spare time to see how useful or how much the Big Data SQL and Oracle REST Data Service can add to my customers needs. At the end of the day it is all about the data but now also beyond the relational…

Marco Gralike Written by: