Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – In the middle of it…

It’s funny this might be one of the first time in years that my strange performance hobbies I have (on the side of my regular database and other consultancy work), unstructured data handling etc, gets me in the middle of one of this years database Oracle OpenWorld focal points. During the first days here in San Francisco I answered already a lot of questions regarding “the other” new functionality in the database: Native JSON database functionality.

Apparently Oracle speaks now heavily about the Oracle database document store functionality and qualities of the database because with the latter it now is able to handle data via SQL, XML and JSON. So relational data handling AND unstructured data handling in one, and of course, due to JSON being so popular out there nowadays in the Big Data world, this might be turning out to be an extra selling point.

After the announcement of Big Data SQL, guess what, based on SQL, it might become very easy to pull in a lot of different kinds of data into your (DWH) database environment. If not only, wrapped in the SQL database syntax, database native XQuery support or JSON path expressions are supported. So in all JSON, XML, data outside the data can also be pulled into the database and, if needed on the go, transformed into relational values to be inserted into your propriety relational database environment.

It’s funny to notice that my unpopular performance hobbies in the field of how to optimize database unstructured data handling/retrieving, has now become popular. LOL. I wonder, how long it will take before we realize, and the time is there, that big data is not “that” big (anymore).


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