OakTable World UK during the UKOUG Tech13 Conference

I am happy to announce that a lot of my OakTable members will do the extra mile by giving extra presentations during the UKOUG Tech13 Conference this year. Although I will be attending at the DOAG this year for the first time, I will sorely be missing out on UKOUG and the OakTable World UK 2013 mini-conference. A lot of good friends will give an encore this way, among others, currently:

  • James Morle
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Alex Gorbachev
  • Iloon Ellen-Wolff
  • Niall Litchfield
  • Doug Burns
  • Joel Goodman
  • Marcin Przepiorowski
  • Christian Antognini
  • Pete Finnigan
  • David Kurtz
  • Moans Nogood

Pass on the good news via twitter hashtag: #OTWUK13

For more information about the agenda, content and how to register for free presentations (The event is offered free of charge to all visitors to the UKOUG Tech13 Conference), t-shirts and others: [click here]
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