Technology preview – Oracle XQuery for Hadoop (New Big Data Connector)

Yesterday I went to the Big Data machine engineered systems demo grounds, to get an insight, exclusive demo from Dmitry Lychagin. Dmitry, being part of the XDB team explained with a lot of enthusiasm the new XQuery connector for Hadoop. Although currently not yet released, but available shortly, he demonstrated the potential while using XQuery as a basis, a lot of transformation possibilities from Hadoop to another platform.


“Oracle XQuery for Hadoop” (OHX) has integration with Oracle Loader for Hadoop, Oracle noSQL DB and no (XSD) schema is needed to make this work. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and give a try with a simple VirtualBox setup with Hadoop and a database transforming van unstructured into relational or unstructured in XML or…




Thanks Dmitry for giving me all the (me Hadoop newbie) detailed info and demonstrating it.

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