HOWTO: Reset the admin password for the stand-alone APEX Listener

Sometimes the answer can be so simple…

I wanted to reset the OTN Developer Days Virtualbox APEX Listener admin password without redeploying the apex.war file and destroying the current setup, so I searched all config and properties APEX Listener files I could find. Searched via Google. No useful hits. I found a credential file with the passwords in them on the virtualbox environment, probably MD5 hashed ones, but no clue about how to reset them. At final I got in direct contact with Kris Rice which had put so much effort in setting up this training environment…and was a bit startled about the simple solution…

There’s a file named credentials under ~/.apex/[port numner]/. If you remove that, it will reprompt for the passwords. Let me know if you need anything else.


Life can be so simple.

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