MOTS Mini – Database Deathmatch: Oracle vs SQL Server


So actually enjoying now some presentations of my own. Riyaj Shamsudeen did good on his “Advanced RAC Troubleshooting” presentation and now I am enjoying Jeremy Wilton’s “Database Deathmatch: Oracle vs SQL Server”.

A presentation about “breaking things”, mainly as Jeremy explained, because he was asked, more then once, to please go back to presentations that demo stuff more (and/or break it). Jeremy (biased regarding Oracle) wanted to do some more SQL Server stuff, just so he knew more about this SQL Server database and because he hates “not knowing” things. So this presentation was born. He is/was demo-ing stuff (Oracle and SQL Server) straight from the Amazon Cloud, trying to simulate both environments to be strain under load, the same amount (or at least hoping to do a honest comparison).


It was indeed a funny presentation (and insight full), were Jeremy explained the internal workings of SQL Server and Oracle regarding transaction logging, explicitly corrupting blocks/logs, for fun of course, switching those corrupted logs/blocks from Oracle to SQL Server and vice versa, see what happens, how those databases cope with such corrupted blocks and demonstrating both databases under strain. I really like it. Its a fun way to discover things and learn about them. But then again, its always fun to just break things right?

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  1. mashford
    September 17

    Did someone record this session? This looks like something fun to watch …

    • September 17

      Yeah, it was. Especially the test to see what happens when you exchange an oracle data block with SQL server block and see what happens when those databases think its a SQL server block, oops its not and vice versa…

      I don’t think it was recorded.

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