MOTS Mini – Almost weekend (and then of towards OOW)


The “disadvantage” of presenting is that you can’t relax until the last presentation has been done. As some one once said to me, you will have to do your best because those people attending have paid top dollar to be there were they maybe should be working on customer issues getting things along. I try to keep doing my best in this perspective, so (Doug!) no party for me last night because my last presentation (that is today) was already on 09.00 AM so…


I picked up my so needed coffee infusion at 08:00 AM and to my surprise I was the first one in the hallway, in front of the conference rooms, were also a nice table was put up with drinks, coffee and breakfast.

Anyway, got three enthusiasts, brave guys attending at my presentation, although it was so early. Chapeau (“hat off”/”I salute you”)!


I ran overtime (again – damn me), as said before, nowadays I have more to tell than would fit in a 1 hour presentation. I really have to work on this. I think, hope, I did my best, and those (early up) people enjoyed it. Now I can relax and enjoy some presentations until next Wednesday when I have the 3rd presentation within a week on Oracle Open World, San Francisco. If you read this and are interested in seeing some demo’s and are attending OOW, then maybe you want to attend to my presentation. There is still some room.

Its time to listen in on Riyaj Shamsudeen‘s “Advanced RAC Troubleshooting” presentation.

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