The New OakTable Website is (almost) Alive

Thanks to the almost endless energy of James Morle the OakTable Network had a web presence for several years. Lately we decided that it had to be adjusted so it would be more fitting the current needs and style of the internet. Thanks to Kurt van Meerbeeck’s (aka the “dude” guy) incredible wizardry, two week later we have a new placeholder for our musings and rants…

Although we still have to update the DNS  record to the new location,  if you want you can get an (pre)view here:

Have have, or are in the business of updating the site with the following features and/or content:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Book Reviews
  • Articles
  • Contributed Files
  • Media, among others YouTube clips
  • Twitter feeds, trends/search
  • Polls/Voting
  • OakTable Member Blog posts (and/or merged from the original posts)
  • A Tag Cloud
  • OakTable Blog Aggregator

Let us hear of what you think.

On behalf of the OakTable Network members.


Marco Gralike Written by: