RT @gwenshap – What a Difference a Month Makes

Apparently its a “tweet” so I because I am not so handy I just “re-tweet” this stuff…(far too lazy to login on twitter / or however this works)


Its March 22. Exactly one month ago, I came back from few days spent in Colorado. I gave presentations, met amazing people, enjoyed skiing and drank a lot of beer, wine and whiskey. I also barely made it back, but thatís a different story.

Obviously I drank too much, or maybe I gave too many presentations. I donít remember.

What I do know is that in the month since that eventful weekend, my life has taken a sharp turn.

Iím about to start working for Pythian. There will be a separate post about that, where I explain how amazing Pythian is and how to continue to follow my blog once it is merged with the official Pythian blog. Same hypothetical blog post will also include comments about how much I love my current colleagues and how sorry I am to leave them.

But more important Ė Iím now an Oakie. Seriously. Check it out Can you tell Iím stoked?