New Dutch Oracle ACE Director in Town

As a Dutch guy I am proud that Anjo has been awarded and accepted his ACE Director nomination.  For me this was long overdue. Finally we now also have a “database guy” in this small Dutch group of ACE Directors.

Although you might not suspect if you have seen presenting, he is a modest guy (with a very strong opinion but don’t have we all…)


So hereby I will do the honors a present you with one off my finest “Anjo Kolk in Action Pictures”.

Anjo Kolk - Miracle OOW 2007

Sorry, couldn’t find a better picture (its the orange guy in the back).

Probably due to the fact that this picture was taken during the Miracle Oracle Open World event in 2007, it is still a bit out of focus.



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  1. Anjo Kolk
    February 26

    Well, I don’t always like to be in the picture 🙂

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