Grid Computing Alternative – GridGain 2.0.2

At AMIS we are always looking for alternatives on behalf of our customers, also we are very keen searching for solutions. Something that looks promising and could be an alternative to Coherence is something called GridGain. GridGain was pointed out by my friend Erwin when I came to visit and when I saw the demo’s, I was surprised again, just like a demo I once had seen of Coherence, how easy it is to setup a working Java Grid environment.

Although I am not a Java guy, but I am always looking out new data(base) horizons, this stuff looks also fairly easy. I believe this (grid computing / grid data handling) is something that will be the next step for the internet, speeding things up and being more cost / resource effective.

While those oil barrels being more expensive by the day, we have to come up with more energy resourceful ways (aka doing more with less) to solve problems and spreading / sharing data. This could be one of those methods.

GridGain is a Java-based open source grid computing infrastructure. GridGain is free and is dual licensed under LGPL and Apache 2.0 licenses.

Have a look at those cool demos on the GridGain site.


Marco Gralike Written by: