1. 4/8/2008

    Ramblings, Rants, strange Dutch humor and Reflections.

    I know nothing much about XMLDB but I know you’re an ACE at those things 😉

    Congratulations and thanks – that’s sweet.

  2. 4/8/2008

    Why am I not surprised!? 😉

    Well deserved Marco. Congrats ans respects!

  3. Frederik Visser

    Hi Marco

    Congratulations! Well deserved!

  4. Karin Kriebisch

    Hello Marco,
    I’m really happy for you and I honestly think you deserve it.
    And even if I’m repeating myself … Congratulations!

    I wish everybody could have a colleague and mentor like you…

    Your trainee
    Karin Kriebisch

  5. 4/9/2008

    Thank you all very much, I hope I am worthy…


  6. Lemonia

    A great achievement :)))
    I am proud of you

  7. 5/12/2008

    Congratulations……. Well deserved!

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