Month: April 2008

April 24
April 22

At current state, my world is a container and it is useless. I want to store content in it but I doesn’t comply to my container…

Today I visited Cary Millsap’s blog site and read his latest article about “Messed Up App of the Day” and could sympathize with his remarks. While looking for other articles that I maybe missed I saw Cary’s link “Joel on Software” and thought, “hey, I almost forgot about that cool website, so have a look”. Joel made an impression on me a long time ago with an article that was called “How Microsoft Lost The API War”(2004). I crawled a little bit around on Joel’s web site and found that really, really great article about “Martian Headsets“, that I could relate too, because I am a pragmatist trying to apply idealistic methods, but as said in the first line of this blog post, it just doesn’t work.

Being a “Martian”, I also like all my Martian colors of red… and I also like my “Qxyzrhjjjjukltk“. Cary has the same problem with his blog posts (you will understand if you read Joel’s blog post about the “Martian Headsets“) about “Messed Up App of the Day URL’s. He created a practical solution to a problem introduced by a idealistic standard.

The cool thing about XML is it’s natural human nature: It is free format.
The horrible thing about XML is it’s natural human nature: It is free format.

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April 21