1. April 23

    An acquittance of mine called Neil Gunther once send me a great link regarding a more graphical approach: http://techyum.com/2008/01/literature_as_cyclone_1.html

    The biggest issue, IMHO, is probably not how to store it anyway, but finding a way to retrieve data fast and efficiently.

    Semantics is one of the issues we will encounter. A graph doesn’t represent the content of a book.

    Another problem is that (and I tested the idea asking my wife), is that: if I type in “42” into Google, I will get the association I have with “42” (the hitchhikers guide through the galaxy). My wife hasn’t that association with “42”, although we had the same with “to be or not to be…”.

    Via Neil’s URL I also found “a four letter representation” which is really cool: http://toxi.co.uk/p5/base26/

    BTW cool post on your website.

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