“Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals” – Toon Koppelaars

On the oracle-l list of freelists.org, Toon Koppelaars announced that Lex‘ and his book project, now has finished and he also recieved his first copies via DHL. Knowing the effort and the involved people, Lex de Haan and Toon Koppelaars, I only can imagine that it is a great book (I wasn’t one of the lucky people who got a brief insight via an electronic version). :-)

I hope I can make some time to read it during my upcoming holiday. ;-)

As Toon announced it on oracle-l:

Hi All,

I understand Lex was an active contributor to this list, so I thought
this might be of interest.

As some of you know Lex and I embarked upon a joint project at the end
of 2005 to write a book entitled “Applied Mathematics for Database
Professionals” (AM4DP in short). Due to unfortunate circumstances this
project took much longer than orignally planned.

But I’m pleased to be able to inform you that Lex’ last project is now
finished: DHL delivered my copies yesterday, so it is safe to assume
that the AM4DP book is available for the general public.

To give you an impression on what this book is about, here’s a list of
the chapters:

Chapter 1: Logic an Introduction.
Chapter 2: Set Theory an Introduction.
Chapter 3: Some more Logic.
Chapter 4: Some more Set Theory.
Chapter 5: Tables and Database States.
Chapter 6: Data Integrity Predicates.
Chapter 7: Specification of Example Database Design.
Chapter 8: Transition Constraints.
Chapter 9: Data Retrieval.
Chapter 10: Data Manipulation.
Chapter 11: Implementing Database Designs in Oracle.
Chapter 12: Summary and Conclusions.

The main theme of this book is about how you can use set theory and
logic to formally specify database designs and, most importantly, the
involved data integrity constraints. In chapter 11 (a rather large one)
we demonstrate a method, based on database triggers, to implement
multi-row constraints using an Oracle DBMS.

The AM4DP book has been rigorously reviewed by
Chris Date, Hugh Darwen,Cary Millsap and Frans Remmen.

If you have any questions regarding this book, feel free to contact me.
If you plan on getting a copy, enjoy the read. All feedback is welcome.



Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals
By Lex de Haan and Toon Koppelaars
ISBN 978-1-59059-745-3

More information about the book can be found on the Apress website or on Amazon.