Month: May 2007

May 30


Let’s say it is a love / hate thing, but I can’t help myself. I am a script nerd and probably always will be, but even I have to “evolve” or at least adapt to what the new software cycle brings. So preparing myself for the future, I based remote administration on Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control. I even updated the stuff to the latest re-lease Working with these kinds of tooling makes you lazy, at least IMHO, and most of the time, it doesn’t learn you anything. What makes me really itchy is the following…
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May 30
May 30

This site got mentioned by Doug Burns, which on itself is funny (and I feel honored of course). Maybe this is for the best. Perfection minded, this site won’t be finished by me in my life-time so…thanks Doug, for this small peace of trust and forcing it into the open (no typo’s allowed anymore snik…)


This site is still situated on the domain that I reserved for my wife (, because I am using this site currently more as backup site for my posts on the AMIS Technology site. In general this site has maybe 5 unique hits per day (most of them where referred via the OTN XMLDB Forum). By the way, not all of my AMIS posts are transfered to this site yet (and not all of my posts here, can be found on the AMIS Techology site). Also see the “about” page for more info.
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